Foreign Student Interviews

We interviewed foreign students currently studying at Nippon Photography Institute on their feelings about "Japan, the school, your future," etc.


Advertising Photography
2nd year

When I decided I wanted to study photography, I considered several Western countries.
However, when I studied abroad in America I had a dangerous experience, so I decided to study abroad in Japan, the safest country.
Looking at technical school websites from Korea, the Nippon Photography Institute history and facilities as well as educational content seemed good, so I decided to come here.
So, I had already decided on the school I wanted before even going abroad (ha ha).
Also, there were not that many foreign students when I was admitted.
This was great for me.
See, I already have many Korean friends in Korea...And, we always talk in Korean.
Because of this, I was able to make many Japanese friends.
But I was surprised by the Japanese “vagueness”!In our country, we always give a clear “yes or no,” but talking to my Japanese friends, it was difficult to understand the barrier between yes and no in many cases.
This is a cultural difference.I am currently in the process of job hunting.I want to become a photo essayist in the future.I want to establish a new genre by fusing words and photography.


Media Photography
1st year

I decided to study abroad in Japan because I had studied Japanese in the past.
Also, because there are camera and film manufacturing related companies here, Japan seems to me to be the optimal environment to study.
I was admitted directly into the school without going to a Japanese language school.
I chose this school because of its photography directionality.That is to say, it seems to be an environment that will create many good next generation photographers.
9 months after admission and winter is really “samui!!” (=cold)
There is no winter in Indonesia, so I was moved when I saw snow for the first time.But now, more than enjoying the snow, I simply want it to get warm again (ha ha).
In the future, I want to be a first rate photographer unconfined by genre.
I want to become the kind of photographer who produces at the quality of “August Sander” for figure photography, “Ansel Adams” for landscape photography and “Sebastian Salgado” for documentary works.
To people who are planning to study photography abroad, I want to say that Japan really has a wealth of photography supplies and photography related companies are plentiful.
Becoming a famous photographer in Japan will open up fame worldwide.So you should definitely work hard at learning Japanese!