Nippon Photography Institute (NPI) has more than 50 years of history and has been producing excellent photographers to the Japanese photographic industry. This has been realized because NPI has excellent lecturers, wide range of photo related classes to cover from the basics to the specialized fields and great variety of professional equipments.

Students from outside of Japan should obtain a “student visa” while they are students at NPI. When or after graduation, you will need to change your visa to a “working visa” once you get a job at a Japanese company. The Ministry of Justice and the Immigration Bureau are in charge of visa issues in Japan. NPI and its related organizations will also help you to get jobs. There are also students who transfer to Japanese universities to continue their studies of photography or art.

NPI is the only institute in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, which teaches full-scale photography. Why don’t you join us and study the most advanced photographic art in Japan?