Photo Art Seminar

Workshop Style Special Lectures

In addition to our intensive 3 years curriculum, professional photographers from outside who are also judges of numerous photo exhibitions hold special lectures to check your works keenly.

Experience “the world of Photography” at Arles International Photo Festival in France

You attend a study tour abroad during the 2nd year to visit Arles International Photo Festival in Provence, France. The photo exhibitions are held all over the town using old streets and churches etc., where many photographers from all over the world come to visit. Through this precious opportunity, your motivation to create is likely inspired.

The Active role of our graduates

We have quite a number of graduates who have held photo exhibitions as you see on NPI paper “SHIBUYA CREATOR'S POWER”. Below are some of the examples of such active graduates.

Hisano Ishida Daisuke Uetake Ken Morisawa
Shunsuke Tamura Kaname Nakamura Yuzuki Mori
LING shyue Miin Jyunnichiro Sato