Photo Fieldwork Course

Overseas Fieldwork

The Photo Fieldwork Course of NPI is full of originality that you can’t find in any other school in the world.

“Overseas Fieldwork” - 6 months long trip all around Asian countries. This is a course to learn about the world through experiences using photography as a tool. To attend the fieldwork trip, you have to take Sociology, English conversation, Volunteer Studies, Media Studies, Presentation Practices, Editorial Work and many others during the 1st and 2nd years. You then research and make a plan to carry out various activities.

Workshop (Special Lecture)

NPI holds a workshop guided by top documentary photographer, greatly renown and active at the forefront of the photographic world. This workshop is available only for Photo Fieldwork Course students.

Fieldwork within Japan

Before leaving for Overseas Fieldwork, we hold a fieldwork in Japan when you are a 2nd year student. Examples of themes we have had so far are, “Reportage of Asia Gakuin Institute where students from agricultural regions of Asia and Africa come to be trained as leaders”, “One year after Chuetsu Earthquake”, “The actual situation of the former Chinese manual workers who were forcefully brought to Izu, Chichi Island and Haha Island during the war”, and many others. You look for suitable photo shooting places for your theme by investigating various documents and data, and you will actually visit the place to cover your story.