Educational Philosophy

It’s been 51 years since NPI was founded. The world has been changed since then.
As time goes on, requirements for creators have also widely changed.

Despite everything, NPI has remained consistent since its foundation. That is, our educational principle, which is, “Be always conscious of the times and provide practical courses well linked with the needs of the society.”In order for our students to achieve their goals, we believe that it is important to be aware of the realistic social needs.

Majority of the students enrolled at NPI have clear goals and wish to live as photographers or work in the field of photography. Our mission is therefore to help them to realize their dreams.

An institute is like a runway period that launches students to play active parts in the society in their future. We wish our students can make up for their shortage of skills during their school days and start their new careers with the confidence built from the experiences. We wish our students to think, judge, stand by themselves and live affluent lives. We’d like to make a lot of efforts to enable them to achieve it.