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Student Voices

I am what I am today, because I didn't give up studying what I've always wanted to do - "photography."

  • Haruka Fujimoto
    Postsecondary Course II (Evening) Photography Course 2 Year Curriculum
    Documentary Photo Seminar
    Attended Hokkaido University of Education, Sapporo Campus

Job Offered

Shoto Studio

Job Position

Studio Assistant

Why I chose this company

The key factor was that I really liked the atmosphere of the company, having talked to their staff members at interviews. By actually seeing and sensing the workplace, I thought that this is the place I want to work.

Classes that helped my job search

I think it was really helpful that my teacher reviewed my work when I was creating my portfolio. Electing to take the studio lesson (portrait) was also very helpful in getting to know the atmosphere of a studio shoot.

Most memorable class

There are many memorable classes, but with regards to my job search, I think that participating in the career support sessions held by the career center and receiving practical advice at the consultations before my search and after receiving a job was the best that I had done.

Building relationships and gaining experience in the frontlines, I aim to become an independent photographer

  • Tomoki Ishikawa
    Postsecondary Course I (Daytime) Photography Course 2 Year Curriculum
    Photo Retouch Seminar
    Attended Takatsu Senior High School, Kawasaki

Job Offered

Iino Mediapro Co., Ltd.
Iino Graphic Images

Job Position


Why I chose this company

I was comfortable choosing this company because it was where I had interned.

Classes that helped my job search

Although it's not a class, I think it was really helpful that it was easy to participate in the career support in-campus job fair held at the Career Center, and it motivated me in my job search.

Most memorable class

The portfolio I created in class was useful in my job search and I'm glad to have elected a subject that provides that type of feedback.

Main Employment Companies

Advertisement Production Companies

  • Nippon Design Center, Inc.
  • amana inc.
  • Hakuhodo DY Capco Inc.
  • Shiseido Company, Limited
  • Studio Uni
  • Commercial Brain
  • Iino Mediapro Co., Ltd.
  • tko inc.
  • Sakata Seed Corporation
  • Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd.
  • Jcor inc.
  • LIBERO Creative Co., Ltd.
  • Designmate Co., Ltd.
  • PhotoArtStudio, Ltd., etc.

Rental Studios

  • Urban Resort Group (Daikanyama Studio, Nakameguro Studio, Studio ROCK, VIE)
  • Studio Ebis
  • EH Inc.
  • 5ive!M Co., Ltd.
  • FEAM Corporation Ltd. (Paola Studio)
  • GO-SEES Co., Ltd.
  • RGB Co., Ltd.
  • ad mate Inc. (Gaien Studio)
  • PhotoArtStudio, Ltd.
  • Studio-Gen
  • foton inc.
  • Rio Creative Co., Ltd.
  • Bank Publicity
  • Trentesept
  • Yokohama Super Factory
  • Westbound Studio 23
  • Ikken Co., Ltd.
  • Studio B-One
  • Studio River
  • Studio Banban
  • Creation I Say Co., Ltd.
  • GearHouse Inc., Studio Gear
  • Artworks Corporation
  • Trentesept
  • Studio On
  • LIGHTUP Co., Ltd.
  • Studio Aoyama
  • Studio Dax

E-Commerce, Web

  • Diamond Head co., ltd
  • Atlas21
  • Ginzo Inc.
  • i-order
  • e-LogiT co., ltd.
  • MUSE & Co., Ltd
  • exio Inc.
  • GF CO., LTD.

School Photographs

  • Printland ISONO
  • Ito Photo
  • Gakko Shashin
  • Ichimura Shashin Kogeisha
  • Photoc Market Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Photo Create Co., Ltd.
  • limegroup
  • Studio Alice Co., Ltd.


  • Photo Kishimoto Corporation
  • Aflo Co., Ltd
  • Osaka Photo Service Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Sports
  • United Photo Press
  • Studio Himawari
  • MS Photo
  • FCBESCOLA Katsushika

Bridal, Photo Studios

  • Akiyama Photo Studio Co., Ltd.
  • Uemura Photo Studio
  • Otani Corporation
  • fleur garden tokyo
  • Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.
  • Sato Photo Co., Ltd.
  • Aesta
  • Juno Inc.
  • Ariga Studio
  • Uchida Photography Co., Ltd.
  • Laquan Studio
  • Carratt, Inc.
  • IKK Inc.
  • Aoyama Studio
  • Angel
  • Japan Create Co., Ltd.
  • Decollte Corporation
  • BIKO Inc.
  • Five Season co., ltd.
  • Kobayashi Syashinkan
  • Igarashi Photo Studio
  • Photoworks Co., Ltd.
  • Niikura Photo Studio
  • Kato Shashin
  • Misono Photo Studio
  • Yoshida Photo Studio
  • KURAUDIA Co., Ltd
  • Akio Studio
  • Kashiwazaki Shashin
  • Photo-Takano Studio
  • Sato Photo Co., Ltd.
  • EasterEgg, Ltd.
  • Benesse Holdings, Inc.
  • Atelier Kinoshita
  • Igarashi Photo Studio
  • Anne's Garden Co., Ltd.
  • Chill Photography
  • i-syu photographer's office

General Photography, Videos, Others

  • Digital PhotoM Co., Ltd.
  • TYO Technical Ranch
  • d'Arc: models and factory
  • The Tube Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Women's Medical University
  • Tamron Co., Ltd.
  • National Institutes for Cultural Heritage
  • Iwate Medical University
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.
  • Yodobashi Camera Company, Limited
  • Kitamura Co., Ltd.
  • SS. Inc
  • LIGHTUP Co., Ltd.
  • Shashin Kosha
  • Nacása & Partners Inc.
  • Ad Graphic Co., Ltd.
  • avex management
  • Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd
  • GYO-PRO Co., Ltd.
  • LL Market
  • Media 22nd Century
  • Skyphoto Co.
  • SS Kikaku Inc.
  • PIXTA Inc.
  • Open House Co., Ltd.

Individual Photographers (Photographer Offices)

  • Masaki Koizumi Photography Office
  • Kosei Takahashi Photography Office
  • Shin Kimura Photography Office
  • M.A.P. Co., Ltd.
  • Kazumichi Kokei
  • Photographer Koichiro Shimauchi
  • Nobuyoshi Baba
  • JUNO Inc.
  • Mars Production
  • Shin Irai Inc.
  • Justice Co., Ltd.
  • Pacia
  • Susumu Miyamoto Photo Studio
  • Nature Photographer Kazuo Suzuki
  • Sakamoto Photo Studio
  • Portfolio Inc.
  • Kentaro Kambe
  • Others

Newspapers, Publishers

  • Shueisha Inc., Editorial Dept. 4, Photography Division
  • Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.
  • Kodansha Ltd., Photography Dept.
  • CMS Corporation/Kobunsha Service
  • Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
  • Magazine House Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Sports
  • Pacific Press Service
  • Shogakukan Square, Photography Division
  • Sangyo Henshu Center Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon Shashin Kikaku
  • BCN Inc.
  • The Kensetsutsushin Shimbun Corporation.

Awards Performance

Photo contests held by industry, company and artist engaged in photography. Only a handful of the works are awarded, but students and alumni of our school have won prizes in a number of contests.

Domon Ken Award

The Domon Ken Award is a photographic award in the honor of the great master Ken Domon who contributed in establishing a type of Japanese photography, started in 1981 by the Mainichi Newspapers.
The 32nd Awards (2013):Ryo Kameyama
The 36th Awards (2017):YANG SEUNGWOO

New Cosmos of Photography

Organized by Canon, this is a contest open to the public, to discover, nurture, and support new photographers pursuing new possibilities in creative photographic expression.
23rd Edition (2014) Excellence Award:Yosuke Morimoto

Kodansha Publishing Culture Awards

The 44th Awards Photography:KWON CHOUL

Photographic Society of Japan Awards

This award is presented to individuals and organizations who extensively contributed to the photographic culture or industry in Japan. The awards are presented in five different categories: International Award, Distinguished Contributions Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Scholastic Achievement Award, and Newcomer's Award.
2011 Newcomer's Award:Toshiya Murakoshi
2017 Scholastic Achievement Award:Manabu Torihara
Newcomer's Award:Daisuke Yokota

Yonosuke Natori Photography Award

This award was established by the Japan Professional Photographers Society, to promote the discovery and activities of young, up-and-coming photographers. This is open to the public for documentary photographers.
The 5th Awards Honorable Mention Award:Shimei Mitsuzawa

Young Portfolio

This is a program organized by the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (K*MoPA) to support young photographers by exhibiting and acquiring their works for their permanent collection, and is open to young artists under the age of 35 to submit their works.
2013 Miyoko Ihara / Hajime Kimura

Konica Minolta "Foto Premio"

Organized by Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc, this was created with the aim of providing opportunities for presenting works and encouraging the activities of young people who are highly motivated in photographic production and have abundant photographic expressionism skills. By collecting submissions 4 times a year, they award 12-18 persons annually and hold photo exhibitions. Each year, one grand award and two special awards are given.
2015 Selected:Sohei Yasui / Yugo Shimada
2016 Selected:Kai Yamashita
Special Award:Yusuke Ono

"Photo City Sagamihara" Photo Festival sponsored by the City of Sagamihara

2015 Sagamihara Photography Newcomer Honorable Mention Award:Toshiya Murakoshi
2016 Sagamihara Photography Newcomer Honorable Mention Award:Tetsuro Shimizu
2017 Sagamihara Photography Newcomer Honorable Mention Award:Tomoyuki Toyozato

Shiogama Photo Festival 2011

Held in March 2008, October 2009, and October 2011. This festival brings professionals active in the frontlines of the world of photography, to "enjoy" many community events such as exhibitions, public talks, and portfolio review.
2011 Grand Prix:Takashi Kuraya

Juna 21

Organized by Nikon Salon, this is an open submissions exhibition for young photographer. An exhibition of 2 pairs per month, 11 sets of 22 pairs per year (the remaining 1 set will be featured in the Miki Jun Award Memorial Exhibition) are held. Amongst those held between October and the following September, the very best work is presented the Miki Jun Award and the best is presented the Miki Jun Honorable Mention Award.
2015 Miki Jun Award:Yuki Abe
Award:Megumi Fujimori / Kenji Murakami / Aya Kishimoto / Atsushi Hirano
2016 Selected:Yuka Watanabe / Susumu Okada / Shuhei Aoki / Daisuke Shibata

Ueno Hikoma Award

The 14th Japan Society for Arts and History of Photography Honorable Mention Award:Tadatomo Takagi
Selected:Mitsuhiro Takeda
The 17th Ueno Hikoma Award:Tadatomo Takagi


Commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the opening of Tennoji MIO, a photographic exhibition from Osaka since 1998. The exhibition features various photographic expressions by young people from Japan and abroad. In July 2011, the MIO Photo Award was renamed and evolved into a new open competition photo event, MIO PHOTO OSAKA.
2010 Grand Prix:Manami Moriyama

Hitotsubo Exhibition/1_WALL

Organized by Guardian Garden, a photography and graphic design contest. The contest was renamed in 2009 to the current open competition, "1_WALL".
[Hitotsubo Exhibition]
The 13th Awards Grand Prix:Saori Tao
The 30th Awards Successful Competitor:Nao Nakai
The 11th Awards Finalist:Takamitsu Nii
The 17th Awards Finalist:TIAN KAI
The 18th Awards Nominated:ZHANG YU

Color Imaging Contest (Epson)

2008 Jury Award Daido Moriyama Award:Sachiko Fujita
Special Award Photography Category:Daisuke Yokota
Selected Photography Category:HAN EUNHYE

The Town of Photography Higashikawa Award

The 28th Awards Special Artist Reward:Makiko Ui

"A Day in the Life of AFRICA" Photo Exhibition
〜Featuring the works of 100 world renowned photojournalists from 21 countries〜

Taiji Igarashi

Pictorico Photo Contest

[Snap Photo Challenge Category] Grand Prix:LIN KAI TING
Selected:Asahi Suenaga
[Open Category] Excellence Award:Kai Yamashita
[Student Category] Semi Grand Prix:Aqua Kai
[Student Category] Selected:Koki Tomishige

JPS Exhibition

2014 (The 39th Awards) Excellence Award:CHEN PU

Canon Photographers Session

The 2nd Awards Finalist Canon Award:Yuka Kato
Finalist:Yuki Abe

Asahi Advertising Award

2012 (The 61st Awards) Asahi Advertising Award, Open Submissions Category:Madoka Sano

Japan Professional Photographers Society "Tsuneko Sasamoto Photography Award"

The 1st Awards Tsuneko Sasamoto Photography Award:Makiko Ui